Watch Arctic Blast at the Tower The Solar Eclipse Triggers a Catastrophic New Ice Age

Sunday, August 20, the evening before “the morning of totality,” escape to the Tower Theatre and enjoy the campy sci-fi thriller Arctic Blast presented by the Tower Theatre Foundation. Join us in the air conditioning for $1 beer, wine, soda, water and FREE popcorn. Plus, the first 100 patrons receive a free pair of solar eclipse eyeglasses, provided by InFocus Eye Care.

Rated PG with a running time of 92 minutes, the story follows the plight of Jack Tate (Michael Shanks), a brilliant yet trouble physicist, in his attempt to warn the scientific community of an impending disaster – a solar eclipse sets off a colossal surge of super-chilled air towards the earth, triggering a catastrophic chain of events that threaten to engulf the world and start a new Ice Age.

Confident in his own scientific conclusions, Jack is forced to use unconventional methods to warn the world’s authorities. But will he be able to protect his family and find a solution to stop the impending Ice Age before millions more die? Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Tower Theatre
835 NW Wall Street

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