2024 Bend Film Festival: Call for Submissions

(Images courtesy of BendFilm)

Entry Fee Discounts

We are unable to give free submission waivers, but we have plenty of discount codes available. Take a look at them and see if any apply to you!

BFNW24: $5 discount for films produced in the Northwest. To qualify, submitted film must have been filmed in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Montana. Qualification details must be included in your cover letter.

BFBIPOC24: 75% discount for female, trans and non-binary directors of color.

BFBIPOCM24: 50% discount for male directors of color.

BFFD24: $10 discount for female-identifying and gender expansive directors.

BFSTU24: $10 discount for student films.

BFALUM24: 75% discount for returning BendFilm Alumni. To qualify, the submitted film must include an above-the-line crew member (producer, director, writer, lead actor) who has screened their film at the Bend Film Festival in a previous year (2004-2023).

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