A Lasting Legacy of Light — Custom Mosaic Honors Joyce Tucker

(Mosaic by artist Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks Mosaic Studio)

A custom mosaic art piece created by local artist Rochelle Rose-Schueler was recently installed at Mosaic Medical’s Conners Health Center on Bend’s eastside. Designed to fit inside the frame of a conference room window of the facility, it is visible to staff and community members attending meetings and events inside the facility as well as to those passing by on the street outside.

The piece commemorates Joyce Tucker (October 30, 1953-March 12, 2022), one of Mosaic’s longest-serving board members who passed away this spring at the age of 68. During her 16 years with Mosaic, Tucker served as an active and valued patient representative on Mosaic’s board of directors. It is estimated that she attended at least 178 Mosaic board meetings over the years, more than any other individual.

“Joyce served on multiple committees and in board leadership roles, and as a longtime Mosaic patient her insight was invaluable,” said Megan Haase, FNP and Mosaic CEO. “She is missed dearly by all who knew and worked with her.”

Rose-Schueler designed and crafted the custom mosaic piece based on the heartfelt words of those who knew her best at Mosaic. She was inspired by written, shared recollections about Joyce that included: “…sense of purpose…” “…inspiring and persevering…” “…reliable and consistent…” “…met challenges head on…” and “…contributed to the Mosaic family and the greater community.”

Throughout her life Tucker faced challenges bravely, and with humor. Although she became blind in her early adulthood, Joyce always focused her energy on helping others. Her intelligence, forthrightness, reliability and consistency — along with her astute insights — contributed greatly to the Mosaic family and to the greater community.

“The mosaic represents her soul, her light, her energy emitting from her community, but ‘reflecting’ and touching so many others, leaving behind a lasting legacy,” said Rose-Schueler.

The mosaic may be viewed at Mosaic’s Conners Health Center, 2065 NE Tucson Way, Ste. 110 in Bend.


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