Copper Moon Artisan

(John Vale | Photos courtesy of Copper Moon Artisan)

John Vale began his journey in art in 1992. He created water features and other pieces from stone. He began with displays of his work in several nurseries and moved on to a display in the renowned Lawrence Gallery.

He opened his first Gallery in Lake Oswego, Water Stone Accents, and featured several artists with a Bamboo Tea House as his office. He also made desktop fountains for Made in Oregon stores and other catalogs.

He moved on to featuring a few water features at the Street of Dreams homes and an interior fountain was featured in Home Magazine. He was also honored for his work at a black-tie dinner party for Clackamas Arts Alliance.

After a long illness, he sold his business in Lake Oswego, and moved on to Scottsdale, Arizona and then on to Florida. He opened his second Gallery in St. Augustine, and featuring many renowned artists. He had a beautiful outdoor garden gallery, as well as an indoor gallery. It was Water + Stone Gallery, and was featured in articles of Arbus Magazine and he and his wife, Collette, were honored as entrepeneur’s in the art community.

They had several artist openings of other artists, including Tom Torrens and Richard Warholic, and hosted the Arbus Magazines Anniversary Party. When the economic downturn happened in 2008, they had to close their doors. At this time, they returned to Oregon, and he did not resume his art until March 2022.

John moved to Central Oregon six years ago, and was touched by its beauty and wildlife. He now features many pieces of art, inspired by herons, dragonflies, quail, hummingbirds, swallows, owls and more. He mainly makes artwork that can be featured for indoors and gardens. They are constructed with stone and natural live edge Juniper, and Copper. He features the wildlife he so admires. He spends time creating new patinas on copper, producing beautiful creations of art.

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