Bright Scenery at Betty Gray Gallery

(Photography by Rostislava Ruseva)

November skies in Sunriver trend to the dark, with the switch to an early sunset and the general onset of colder weather. As Sunriver settles into its quiet time of the year, the Betty Gray Gallery of art in the Sunriver Lodge is offering contrasting displays to match and counter the season.

Downstairs, Michelle Lindblom’s show, Connecting Through Textures, continues through the end of November. Since moving to Central Oregon, textural elements have become more prevalent in her art. Her work features both visual textural patterns and a multitude of physical materials she has collected. She is presenting eight monotypes using a wide variety of textural elements, featuring snake skins given by a professor colleague. But she also includes cardboard packing strips, mesh, lace, other fabrics, and newspaper clippings, creating monotypes adhered to canvas and acrylic on paper adhered to canvas. Each piece creates a unique story in dark textures that matches the mood of the season.

In the upstairs gallery, plein air artists Kathleen Keliher and JoAnn Burgess will be showcasing their wonderful pastel and paint works. Keliher is the current president of the Plein Air Painters of Oregon, and uses the high desert landscape as inspiration for her work. She focuses on capturing the energy in the scene as much as she does the objects, and works with quick brush strokes and copious material to create her work. JoAnn Burgess has been working with pastels for over 20 years, and shows in a variety of galleries in Central Oregon. Her love of the area influences her work. She uses color, texture, and light to create an exciting visual journey for the viewer. These delightful scenes contrast the outside darkness and provide some brightness to the surrounding environment.

Complementing the two shows is a new permanent installation at the Sunriver Lodge. The entry wall of the downstairs gallery features photos by Sunriver Resort employees of the area, and will rotate a new image each month. These works allow people to see Sunriver through the eyes of those who live and work here. All three displays should be a cure for the growing darkness of the season outside. Come visit the gallery and see how they impact your approach to the season.

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