Jeanie Smith at Art Adventure Gallery

jeaniesmithArt Adventure Gallery in Madras presents It’s Personal solo show featuring local artist Jeanie Smith during October.  Opening reception is on Friday, October 5 from 5:30-7pm including refreshments and music provided by John Curnutt.

Smith’s contemporary collage on canvas is from her growing collection of photographs of her art and nature. Her images emerge from flowers; backgrounds are sometimes architectural or represent nature. As she cuts and layers the pieces, images and colors change providing depth, rhythm, strength and mystical meanings to the observer.

Smith said, “It’s Personal is a combination of many life connections, intertwined and important; masked with mystery but yet familiar. Although the collage work is created from my base of photos taken over a period of time from the life I am exposed to, you will recognize your life and the experiences of others as you view the show.

My contemporary collage collection is built from an ongoing search, camera in hand, for interesting images. Because of low vision, the camera has become my eyes. Details begin to emerge.  Selected photos are reproduced on canvas and added to a growing stock of raw materials. Approaching the process with a clear mind, void of clutter, pieces and parts are layered to a painted canvas.  Suddenly, a glimpse of a narrative appears.  In some work, I photo the unfinished canvas and use parts of it in the finished piece.  

With music in the background and intense lighting, I develop in the moment…without limitations or concern about the techniques of others. The possibilities are endless.  Images change as I cut, paint and apply.  The end result is up to you.  Because of your personal life, you may see a depth or layered meaning not observed by the person standing next to you.” 

541-475-7701, Jeanie Smith, 541-553-1712.

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