Last Saturday at Armature in the Old Ironworks Art District

armatureAugust 30, Picture Yourself Here is a series of visual parodies of famous, recognizable paintings by artists such as Willem de Kooning and Pablo Picasso: well-known artists routinely revered in the history of art.

These large-scale oil paintings on panel boards aim to capture the humor that results when one challenges the established male canon of the history of art. Subverting the centuries-old dogma permitting male artists to routinely paint female nudes while prohibiting female artists to paint male nudes, these works challenge gender assumptions that operate below the surface when experiencing visual art in museums and galleries.
You are invited to experience becoming part of a well-known “masterpiece” of art. Pose in a painting! Imagine how it feels to be a model under the (male) artist’s gaze!

Picture Yourself Here! Saturday August 30 at Armature, located in the Old Ironworks Art District.


Armature – a creative space
50 SE Scott St. Suite 1 & 2
Bend, OR 97702 |


Artist : Peg Brand
Peg Brand is an artist, author, and retired professor of philosophy and gender studies who lives on a ranch outside of Sisters.

Tambi Lane | Photographer


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