New Online Event Series to Encourage Thoughtful Engagement While Hiking

(Renee Patrick hiking on Sutton Mountain 2023 | Photo courtesy of Intentional Hiking: a conversation)

A new online event series, Intentional Hiking: a conversation, founded by Bend local, Renee Patrick, aims to help the hiking community cultivate more intention about how they spend their time on trails.

The twice-monthly event series will cover a wide array of topics centering on five themes: Be, Do, Create, Learn & Regional Information. Participants will hear from a guest speaker during each event, and they will spend a portion of each session in a small group discussion with guiding conversation prompts centered around the theme. Individuals will be asked to develop an action they plan to take on the theme during their next hike.

The first event of the series is scheduled for Monday, November 20 at 4pm, online, with guest speakers from the Adventure Scientists about how hikers can collect data on their next hiking trip that will inform science and research. To register and learn more please visit

“As a long-distance backpacker, I’ve long thought there was an opportunity to engage the hiking community in doing more on behalf of the landscapes that make our trails possible,” Patrick explained, “and through a survey I launched this year I learned that 98 percent of other long-distance hikers are concerned as well. These people explained that they want to be a part of the change to make the trail experience more accessible, educational, and want to take action. It became clear to me that I could help facilitate those ideas and conversations, so I created this online discussion series focused on our relationship with the environment, our trails, and each other.”

Intentional Hiking events are centered on the belief that when we see ourselves as part of nature, we act differently. By cultivating a deeper connection to the landscapes we are hiking through, we can develop a deeper engagement with social and environmental issues we encounter on hiking trails.

Other events planned this year include guest speaker and thru-hiker Tommy Corey on Transforming Outdoor Spaces Through Photography on December 10, and guest speaker and thru-hiker Matt Berger on Botany on the Trail – The Joy of Plant Identification on December 20.

About Intentional Hiking: a coversation:
Intentional Hiking: a conversation is a project of Renee Patrick Consulting. Renee Patrick is a Bend local and triple-crown thru-hiker with over 20 years of experience planning, hiking, and improving long-distance trails. She is an environmentalist and passionate outdoor enthusiast who believes that long-distance hiking can deepen our relationship with the landscapes and environmental issues that desperately need more advocates.

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