New Perspective for September

(Image by Lukas from Pixabay)

Changes on the 1st could leave you feeling awkward because it is new. Listen on the 2nd and take time to process what you are learning. Let go of worrying on the 4th and remind yourself this will get easier. Realize on the 7th that sometimes the best way to fix something is to let go and move on. The Full Moon on the 10th brings completion where it is needed.

Learn the lesson and make the change on the 12th and remind yourself that you deserve to be happy. Memories could make it challenging to follow your heart on the 16th. Encouraging yourself to move forward over the next few days could give you the opportunity to see how different it is now. Open your heart on the 19th and welcome the changes that happen.

Relationships get your attention after the 22nd and it will be important to talk about what you want. The New Moon on the 25th can bring new levels of understanding to your relationships especially when you are honest about what’s in your heart. Be a cooperative influence on the 27th and discover how easy things can be. Appreciate your loved ones over that last few days and let them know how you feel.

Love and Light Always,
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