Painted Sky Center for the Arts Event Announcement

Take Me to Paris (Eiffel Tower, 12×16 canvas)

Who wants to experience Paris and paint an Eiffel Tower in bright colors? This will be a “Kids Zone” fun event! We’ll paint with acrylics on a 12×16 canvas, and all supplies are included! I’ll lead everyone through the painting, and there will be a basic sketch on the canvas for them. They can choose their favorite colors!

Ages 8-12

Are you ready to re-ignite your creativity?

I’m Angel Carpenter, owner of WILDbrushes Art with Angel. Join me for a fun art experience as we relax, create and focus on the positive. My background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts (drawing and painting). I love teaching young and young at heart step-by-step acrylic paintings that are fun for beginners and are also enjoyable for advanced painters. My husband and I live in Grant County, Oregon, and we have four grown sons.

When: Saturday, April 8, 1pm, PDT
Where: 116 Bridge St., Room 12, John Day, Oregon

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