The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Reopens in Terrebonne

(Alfred A. Dolezal | Photos courtesy of The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal)

“Welcome to the gallery!” This enthusiastic greeting is voiced by Alfred & Patti Dolezal to every visitor that comes through their door. After closing their gallery at Eagle Crest Resort, November 2021, they unanimously agree it feels really good to again be part of the local art scene. Having dealt with the COVID challenges for many months, 2022 seemed to be the right time to find a more visible, less seasonal location than the golf resort. Finally, this past August, the perfect location in Terrebonne, right on the corner of Highway 97 and Smith Rock Way, became available. Beautiful hardwood floors, cream colored walls, a black ceiling with that all important track lighting highlight the exuberant colors of Alfred’s thought-provoking oil paintings.

Originally from Vienna, Austria, Alfred has been painting professionally since 1963 and is currently working on painting #305. With a twinkle in his eye, he tells visitors he has been painting for over half a century and “that sounds like a very long time.” Throughout the years, he began to question the fundamental “truths” about life and found that there was so much more to our existence than what meets the eye.

He is a passionate researcher in a variety of subjects: mythology, history, psychology, science, physics and metaphysics, to name a few. His eclectic paintings combine illuminant colors with alternative visions of reality. Next to each painting is a description documenting his insights and inspiration; hence, the gallery motto, “much more than a painting!” His work may now be found in seven countries and in collections across the U.S.

When Alfred sits before the easel, he enters another realm of consciousness, a personal meditation that weaves his fact-punctuated rationale into evocative symbolism. His thought-provoking imagery often displays cubistic and surrealistic tendencies and vibrant colors in dynamic combinations. Quite often his paintings reveal a mischievous, humorous side, a dry sarcasm and his love for the unexpected.

One visitor to the gallery commented: “His artwork filled my heart, mind and soul.” Another person reviewed his work by writing: “Alfred Dolezal is a thinking man’s artist. His pieces are thoughtful, intellectually stimulating and intricate; he blends deep philosophical views with the ethereal and challenges you to examine your perspective to life.”

At the new location at 8283 11th Street, Suite 1 in Terrebonne, over 20 originals are exhibited, each with their corresponding artist’s notes. Alfred and Patti invite you to browse the multitude of reproductions attractively matted and affordably priced as well as an interesting collection of small gift ideas. And if it’s time to unleash your own imagination, sign up for a class in beginning or advanced drawing and painting.

The gallery is open every day, except Tuesday, from 10am to 5pm. • 541-526-1185

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