THINGS Etc. Adds to Hood Avenue in Sisters

Things2by JEFF SPRY AE Feature Writer


Expanding her jewelry and art enterprise in downtown Sisters, Candyce Park has found a new home for her Things Etc. gallery amid the burgeoning creative scene on Hood Avenue, joining eight other galleries down the boulevard.

Park’s new location gives her the added space and excellent lighting to illuminate her own artisan jewelry creations as well as works by Steve Frandsen, Lynn Rothan and Joseph “Little Bear” Sanchez.

“I’m very excited to be able to show people all the lovely art and items I’ve collected in the store,” said Park. “It’s very bright and the sun shines in the window and it just feels welcoming, open and airy. I put a disco ball out when it’s sunny to help people find me. We’re really excited at the caliber of art we offer and artistic value of the pieces by all my friends.”

Besides the clean-lined silver and gold jewelry and lapidary work Park excels at, the gallery also features the modern tribal oils, acrylics, pottery and printmaking of local Lynn Rothan.

“Lynn not only collaborates with me but also will Bill Earhart doing decorate touches to his claywork. Both Lynn and Bill have been in Central Oregon for over 25 years.”

Steve Frandsen’s bold, ethnic turquoise necklaces, signature talismanic jewelry and peyote feather fans lend an added air of distinction to the gallery and perfectly complements the varied nature of the artworks for sale.

“I think I’m definitely a unique gallery of eclectic treasures,” Park added. “I’ve loved Steve’s work ever since I moved here from Iowa in 1989. His art touches a spiritual place in me and many people and I’m proud to include his creations in my collection.”

Park has had a life-long interest in jewelry-making and jewelry repair and Central Oregon has deepened those passions with its abundance of talented artists and galleries showcasing the area’s finest. She moved here 25 years ago to do custom work and repairs for Jan Daggett, owner of The Jewel in Sisters.

Oregon is well-known as an amazing place for raw stones like plume agate, holley blue agate and Oregon opal and that has inspired Park to cut and polish stones to expand her horizons.

The Southwest-style jewelry of Little Bear glitters from Park’s glass showcases. From bolo ties and silver rings to bracelets and earrings, everything is all hand-crafted at extremely reasonable prices for such premiere quality.

“He’s a recent transplant to Bend and he has an extensive knowledge of all types of Indian jewelry and actually has an impressive collection of natural turquoise and coral before the practice of dying and stabilizing them for retail sale. His work is unique because he inherited hand-made silversmith stamps made from old files and railroad spikes that are one-of-a-kind.”

With the coming of the new year Park is looking forward to meeting new and interesting people and introducing them to the beauty of Things Etc.

“That’s one of the best things about having the store and so many of my customers have become friends and I think that’s what makes it so rewarding.”

Things Etc., 178 S. Elm Suite #E, 541-549-1529

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