Local Author Receives 4 out of 4 Stars from Goodreads Review

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Faltofar” by Morri Stewart.]

When evil strikes, it is up to the brave ones to usher in salvation. In Faltofar, a land filled with many different mystical creatures, darkness has awakened, killing the trees and corrupting the rivers. How will the citizens of the land defeat this magical force? Find out in Faltofar by [Bend author] Morri Stewart, a book that will leave its readers truly enchanted.

The tale begins by introducing Liliana and Thom, who are children from the Finn family, an ancient family filled with magic. During an expedition, they discover Torr, a wounded creature that is half-horse, half-human. Unaware of the importance of their discovery, they bring him home. On their journey home, they are attacked by a dwarf who turns out to be a friend of sorts. Subsequently, a terrible incident forces their mother, Sarafina, to venture into the forest where she accidentally unleashes the terror that is Morauth, a diabolical sorceress who was defeated years ago with a weapon now possessed by their father, Olitus. With Morauth loose, every creature must work together in the name of “the One” if they hope to stand a chance against her immense army. The difference between life and death for all the soldiers of light may very well depend on anyone, even a creature as small as a dormouse.

The author thoroughly impressed me with the way she presented her storyline; it was fully developed and followed an understandable progression. The author heightened the tension from the beginning to the climax, ending at a resolution that was so beautifully executed that the book held my attention until the very end. In fact, I felt like I was physically present in Faltofar and taking part in the great battle. What fascinated me the most was that there were unexpected plot twists at the ending.

I will add that the character development was splendid; all the characters mentioned played an important role in the battle, and no one character was left to play the role of an ultimate hero. Another thing that heightened my respect for Stewart’s work was that she put female characters in strong leadership positions even when it was not what I expected. I also found it commendable that alongside fighting the dark force, the author included several lessons that can be applied to real-life, such as being supportive of family and friends and never underestimating others.

I absolutely loved this book, and I found nothing to dislike about it. In fact, it is a piece that I can reread without getting tired. I have to admit that it stretched my patience to the point of breaking with its unending suspense that left me wondering what would happen next. I cannot detract any points for its nerve-racking suspense because I am sure that this is an attribute of a great piece. I only advise patience to readers, as they will find that a surprise is always around the corner. I gladly award this book 4 out of 4 stars because I believe it is deserving of the highest praise.

This book was professionally edited since I found only minor errors. It contains absolutely no profanity. However, this book contains graphic scenes that may prove disturbing to some readers. Therefore, I recommend it to readers that can bear battle scenes. This piece contains mild eroticism, such as kissing and hugging. I think that this book is a perfect fit for lovers of fantasy and magical pieces.


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